Make A Small Room Look Bigger And Livelier — 5 Best Ways

1. Colors Got A Lot To Say

In the interior design world, one fact that remains is lighter shades will make your small room look bigger and livelier. You don’t have to go all white. But staying in the pastels is the right way to go. Lighter shades reflect light hence making the optical illusion of a bigger space. Whereas, darker shades absorb lights and make the room look smaller than it is.

I. Tonal palettes for the walls:

Whitewalls paint or a monotone light palette is perhaps that will open up your cramped-looking room the most. But most people don’t prefer painting their walls all in one color. I understand, not everyone like plain vanilla. Right?

II. Don’t forget the 5th & 6th

Have you guessed what I am talking about? The ceiling and the floors, bingo! Most people completely neglect the impact ceiling and flooring can have on the visuals of your room. To make your small room look bigger and livelier, go for lighter tones here as well.

III. Color co-ordinate the furniture and shelves

Your complete rooms should be around the same color scheme. Having visual breaks with dark upholstery will make your room look smaller. Your task here is not to break the color scheme or point attention toward a piece of furniture. The lighter and airier the tones, the bigger it will make your room appear.

2. Light It Up

Lighting plays a great role when it comes to adding a character to the room. It will make your room look bigger but also livelier. The correct forms of lighting bring life to a room and add depth. While your first thought may be to open up the windows and let the natural light flow in. Well, you are correct. But what about the time when it is nighttime or on days with just a few hours of light? Therefore, consider the following ideas to light your room up day and night:

I. Say bye to heavy curtains

Having anything dark, bulky, or gaudy is your small room’s enemy. The same applies to your windows. I know you want to block that light on some days but you don’t need heavy-duty curtains for that. Get light-blocking blinds that don’t take a lot away from your room.

II. Layer the lighting

Having a single source of light in the center of the room is not enough. Some people just make the ceiling lamp the only light source for the room. This puts focus only on the center of the room overlooking the other gorgeous corners and levels. Instead, try to open up the room by using multiple sources of lights on different levels.

3. It’s all about an illusion

You cannot physically make a small room look bigger unless you break down some walls. Having a property where you are not allowed to break and build makes this task becomes particularly difficult. So, what do you do? You create illusions. Some of the most workable ideas are:

I. Power of mirrors

Mirrors are the most workable when you want to make your room look bigger. They reflect light and create an illusion of a new opening in the room. But it is important to make their placement right. Mirrored furniture is not usually the best choice as it reflects all the clutter. The rule is to fit mirrors where it reflects light and not the clutter. Therefore, work your mirror magic wisely.

II. Longitudes and latitudes

Creating and emphasizing the verticals and horizontals of the room is another way to increase the sense of openness. When you want to make a small room look bigger, it is all about creating a movement and letting the eyes wander. Lines are perfect when it comes to making your eye travel from one corner to other. Hence creating an illusion of a bigger space.

III. Landscape on the walls

Another trick that makes the eyes wander in a small room is placing one but a big landscape artwork/photo on the walls. Such photos add a dimension to a room mimicking an opening — almost like a window. Don’t go too big though. Just judge your space before placing the photo where it can reflect some light. Remember to keep it classy and simple. We don’t want an art gallery on your wall.



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