Is Body Positivity Normalizing Unhealthy Bodies and Lifestyle?

What is Body Positivity Movement?

Body positivity referred to accepting and loving your real body. No matter the size, shape, color, or features. The biggest impact was on the people with plus-sized bodies, dark skin, and “average features”. The latter became more and more conscious about themselves plus the world wasn’t kind either.

Toxic Body Positivity or just Toxic Positivity???

Toxic Positivity implies that you should always have a positive mindset regardless of how the circumstances are. Well on paper it looks inspirational while in reality, it’s inhuman. Because you cannot be positive all the time. It separates the emotions from any situation. Which isn’t possible for a human.

Body Positivity Today — Body Acceptance

The reality has just been sugar-coated today. People still hate their bodies or parts of them. I mean who is perfect? But they are forced to pose as they love their bodies as they are.

What Can You Really Do?

The extremes of body positivity should better be avoided. You shouldn’t want to undergo extreme treatments to look a certain way neither you should become ignorant of your feelings and live your time.

Our Guest On Body Acceptance And Body Positivity

One of the few people I know who have won their way through the body acceptance and body positivity journey is Fakeha Umair Khan. She has dealt with every criticism you can think about a person would get with a bigger body. Nonetheless, she worked on herself for an entire year and became a much healthier and happier person.

“The problem isn’t with your body, the problem is what you think of it.. and what you think of yourself”

The above-mentioned quote is not just a reference for motivational purposes but it’s a referral for all those individuals who consider that body confidence only comes when you struggle to achieve body image as per society standards.

What defines body positivity for me…

It is about loving yourself, accepting, and appreciating the whole of one’s body. It’s not just focusing on the outer layers but also how you are as a person from the inside. The confidence from inside plays a vital role in embracing yourself from inside/out.

Understanding Body negativity

Many of us struggle due to the lack of understanding about self-satisfaction that leads to body negativity. They see their body doesn’t match the ideal description. Hence the hatred for their body kicks in making the people unhappy and dissatisfied with their body and appearance.

Where and how people become body-negative?

From personal experience, body negativity never occurs on its own. There is always an external force that drives it in your life. It may be from friends, family, society, culture, or media especially social media which is the core of conveying the message of body negativity or positivity.

How To Become Body Confident/Positive:

I don’t want to tell you about what the books say. I will tell you what really works and has worked for me and many other people I know. Firstly, let’s get into the core of how to have confidence and establish a strong belief that will help you to feel more positive about yourself.

  1. It may sound silly, but practicing self-talk and setting positive affirmations will push your mindset towards more assertive thinking e.g. my skin is fresh and glowing rather my skin is dull and dark.
  2. Wear clothes that you feel are comfortable rather than trying too hard to make a fashion statement you aren’t sure about.
  3. Work on your self-care. Your body is not the only component that defines beauty and well-being.
  4. Give your body the empowerment to laugh, dance, and create.
  5. Make a list of things you like and are good at. Focus on your strengths and work towards those.
  6. If you have a social media presence then know that there will be trolls. Sometimes more than you can comprehend. But prepare yourself to deal with them. The only way to shut the trolls is to continue to do what you love and know that’s it’s nothing wrong.
  7. Treat yourself often. Invest in yourself by treating yourself as the person you love the most. Do things you like even if it’s as little as just reading a book, getting a haircut, walk in the park, or buying a luxury bag.
  8. Aim towards a healthy lifestyle. Trying to be comfortable when your body is constantly telling you otherwise is unjust. Eat healthily, meditate, exercise, and invest in self-care often for a healthier and happier lifestyle.



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