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If you are a person who has a sensitive immune system, or lives in a household where people have allergies but still wishes to be a pet parent then hypoallergenic dog breeds or even hypoallergenic cats may be a viable option.

It is very common for people to contract allergies from their furry friends because pets carry proteins in their saliva, skin, and urine. These proteins can act as allergens hence causing different allergies in different people. Even so that the same breed can cause different allergic reactions to different people. So you ask…

What is a Hypoallergenic Dog?

People tend to…

Whether you believe it not, male misogynistic behavior is so deep-rooted in our society that raising boys how they really should be has become very difficult. There is a very famous and widely-used saying that “boys will be boys”, which has made it like a standard practice for parents to ignore and promote some of the major toxic behaviors any human can possess.

I am a mom of two boys. And I often find myself questioning if we are parenting our boys right. …

It is now widely accepted that self-care is one of the most important parts of your well-being. And self-care does not only mean taking care of your physical health. It stretches far beyond that. It involves being active in your mental, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional self-care.

People who do not engage in self-care are not in their best shape; physically, mentally, or socially. Therefore, it’s crucial to practice self-care to keep up with daily life. Now, let’s hop straight to emotional self-care as it’s one of the most neglected areas of self-care.

What Is Emotional Self-Care?

Emotional self-care is being aware of your…

Literally, cats are the best. I have five of my own. There are millions of videos of cats just doing their cat stuff with multi-million views. That’s how much people love them. But one of the biggest issues people have with cats is allergies. Cat allergies are twice as common as dog allergies. However, people have become more aware and now they look for hypoallergenic cat breeds to adopt.

According to Helpguide, pets are especially great for people who deal with anxiety and stress. They can help in easing loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health…

Body positivity has started taking a toll on people’s mental health now. With time everything becomes a little twisted. The same is the case with body positivity movement. I am sure we all have heard about body positivity or body confidence at least once in the last few days.

Earlier when “ideal bodies” were defined as size zero, fair skin, and colored eyes, it caused a major spike in eating disorders, surgeries, Botox, body negativity, beauty treatments, and several other physical and mental issues, especially in women. …

Every relationship goes through good and bad stages. Especially in this age, when everything is so perishable and replaceable. Maintaining and sticking to a relationship and committing to love has become much more complicated.

The dynamics of a relationship have evolved over these past few years. Our understanding and commitment to relationships are not the same as our parents. Experts believe that it’s the fear of commitment that is driving relationships apart today.

While is fun to experience the rush of emotions at the start of the relationship, it gets tougher when things get going. With time, certain situations arrive…

Did you know? That the sense of smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the area of the brain where memories and emotions are processed. This makes smell an extremely powerful sense. A pleasant smell is the most attractive and scintillating thing.

If the smell is pleasant you feel good. Whether it’s your food, yourself, or the person right next to you. A foul or funky smell is never really appreciated. The same rule applies to your home. People perceive your character based on your home.

You might even not notice the smell. Because the more time…

Parents often overlook the simplest purpose of punishment is to discipline their child. And not to make them regret it. For a similar reason, it has become hard to find punishments that really serve the purpose.

The effectiveness of punishment is actually a personal experience. Not every punishment would work for everyone. Therefore, it’s a trial-and-error scenario. Also, the kids have become smarter, they can literally find a million ways to punish their parents for punishing them!

Although, some parents believe that punishments are cruel and it spoils the child rather than discipline it. However, there are several pieces of…

Congratulations! Your baby has graduated from being an embryo to a fetus. That’s a major development milestone. As your baby continues to grow, you are starting to show a little bit of that cute baby bump at week 10. Get ready for some shopping this week. Eat healthily, stay active, and hydrated.

How many months are 10 weeks?

At week 10, you are in your 3rd month of pregnancy. In just a few weeks you will be starting your second trimester. Only 6 months or 30 weeks to go.

Baby Development

Your baby has achieved a developmental milestone that ends the journey as an embryo and starts a…

Relationship / March 10, 2021

The world is growing closer. It’s easier than ever to connect with someone miles apart. Thanks to our mobile and other digital devices that help us explore new opportunities beyond borders. One of those opportunities is finding love. Hence trying luck with long-distance relationships.

Long-distance relationships weren’t the standards back in the days. It only happened when the other person had to move abroad for a job or studies after the relationship became stable. And the partners had to adapt to the changes. And honestly, most relationships failed miserably.

Nowadays, there is a hike in…

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